The Long Sherpa Walker


The Long Sherpa Walker is the best coat to style semi-casually. Get the sophisticated look when you pair your Sherpa walker with a black, close-fitting turtle neck top and a pair of your favorite black, high-waisted jeans to make the silhouette of your body stand out. You can find these two basic pieces at any of your favorite stores whether it is luxury or mass market. If you are a fan of distressed jeans, go for it! They are a great option as well. Moving onto footwear, nothing feels fresher than a pair of white ace leather sneakers! You can find these shoes in stores like Adidas, Steve Madden, Aldo, American Eagle, and ASOS. If you’re a woman with a taste for luxury, Gucci has these sneakers in many different styles. The white sneaker will give your look a little pop. Last but not least, you want to top it all off with a black cross body bag. You can find moderately priced cross body bags at stores like Forever21, H&M, and Steve Madden. For the luxury wearers, Gucci also has black cross body bags that are very trendy if you like to keep your looks consistent with brands!    

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