Faux Fur Hooded Jacket


The Faux Fur Hooded Jackets is best to pair with a chill day outfit. Chill day outfits consist of the comfy clothes, and who doesn't want to be comfortable? Above you will find a chill day starter pack! Underneath one of the three color options for the faux fur hoodie (Blondie, Koala Grey, Blush), could be a regular sized or oversized fitted graphic t-shirt. Oversize t-shirts are supper cute and is a key factor if you want to achieve the "chill" look. You can find oversized t-shirts with brands like H&M, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, and Zara. At the bottom you want to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans has a baggy fit that are more comfortable than any other kind of jean. Whether they are distressed or not is completely up to you! You can find this style of jeans with brands like A&F, Hollister, American Eagle, Free People, and Revolve. Last but not least you have to have the comfiest shoe of all to complete the chill look: the UGG boot. UGG boots come in a variety of colors and styles to match your preference. To finish off your look you can throw on a crossbody bag or backpack that matches you best! You can get stylish bags like this from stores like Forever 21, H&M, or Nordstrom. Any of your favorite stores should carry these kind of bags!

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