Girls Faux Leather Moto

Our CoffeeShop Kids Faux Leather Moto is a great choice for the approaching holidays. The kids want to look stylish too, and w've got them covered! The outfits above are Abercrombie Kids inspired. Abercrombie has many kids styles that are wintery and super cute for the little ones. Above is a pair of high-rise mom jeans with a denim belt that can be paired with many different styles of shirts. Above is a white and black plaid tie front flannel and a tie front tie-dye Abercrombie logo t-shirt (tie-front for a more stylish look). Vans are a super trendy style of shoe that would go great with this kind of outfit and are not limited to the selected style above! You can pick from a range of Vans on their website or in the store. The classic white converse is also a good choice. Whether you prefer high-top or low-top, they both work! If you are not a fan of white sneakers, black would also work. You can't forget about the pom-pom beanie! Aside from Abercrombie kids, you can get a beanie like this from brands like The Gap, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and H&M!

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